Monday, 20 June 2011

The Long Lost Promise is back

Yeah, so after taking down The Long Lost Promise down from inkpop I decided to put it back up again. It currently has no rank, thanks to the fact that with the new, revamped inkpop it takes a couple of days to get a rank. Not that i'm complaining or anything... *rolls eyes*
I made a new cover for it to!
New link:
I can't decide whether to make it into a book or not, i'll have to think some more on that. Though 5 out of 7 people who have read it so far think i should base a book on it. 

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Legend Awakened - new cover!

The Legend Awakened now has a new cover!
And i also made an advertisment avi to!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Battle of the Scarlet Fields

My new book! The preview should be up on Inkpop soon.

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
SP: When war arrives on your doorstep you can’t stand by and watch, and Isoldia doesn’t plan to.
LP: Isoldia is the only child of Duke Erarforn Orahda and Duchess Arailsa Orahda, close friends of the Royal family of Uturia. She dislikes life in the upper class and when she turns sixteen her parents are eager to arrange for her to marry the young and persistent Darain.
When she meets third class peasant Archer, she knows there’s something more between them than friendship. A few months after their first meeting, Archer is sent off to war, and Isoldia is left with an empty space in her life.
Determined to be reunited with her lost love she sets out to find Archer accompanied, rather reluctantly, by her fiancĂ©, Darain. They must embark on a treacherous journey through Lanairasica that leads them finally to the Scarlet Fields, and the heart of war.  

Extract from Chapter 1:

    Isoldia delicately slid the white, laced glove onto her hand, and then repeated the action for the other glove. Lifting up the skirts of her dress so as not to trip, she reached out her hand for the banister and made her way slowly down the grand staircase. Upon reaching the bottom she dropped her skirts back down and adjusted her hat in front of the mirror hanging on the hallway wall.

    She frowned at the plume of feathers exploding in a messy fashion from the top of her large hat and attempted to correct it. She hated wearing hats, but being a member of the upper class meant she was expected to. She had to admit that the cream dress she was wearing made her look stunning; it showed of her figure beautifully. Or perhaps it was just the corset, which made it extremely hard to breath, that made her look so curvy.

    Shaking the thought from her head, she made her way to the front door, which was opened for her by the family’s butler, Mr. Spense; though most called him just Spense. She hadn’t stepped one foot over the doorway when her mother bustled into the room.

    “Isoldia! Where are you going? Come back here right now! I and your father need to talk to you right at this instant!” Her mother practically screamed.    

    Isoldia groaned inwardly, it was her sixteenth birthday and she had been hoping to escape from the house without her mother catching her. Duchess Orahda was well known for her short temper and control over her only child, and Isoldia knew better than to argue with her.

    “Remove that hat at once; it is most appropriate to be wearing in the house!” Duchess Orahda complained as she hurried Isoldia into one of the less used reception rooms in their large residence.