Sunday, 10 July 2011

Haven't posted in ages!

I can't beleive its been so long since i posted. So much has been going on at the moment i just haven't had time!

Big news: The Long Lost Promise is now ranked 47! I am really happy about that! :D
Other big news: The Legend Awakened is posted, and ranked 733. :D

I'm writing a gen fic romance. O.O
Yeah i know, i'm going mad. But hey! It's actually quite fun! Lol.

I watched Sherlock Holmes (the 2009 film) last night for the first time. It was really awesome! Wish i'd gone to see it at the cinema now. But oh well.

I have a drama exam tomorrow *yawn* it's a written one, so its going to be extremely dull.

My end of year school trip to Cambridge is on Friday - looking forward to that! =D

Two more weeks and then its the summer hols! Yay! Lots of writing time! :D

So, ya, thats all i got right now. Bye!