Saturday, 21 May 2011

Writing a New Prologue

I've decided to write a new prologue for my book, The Legend Awakened. A lot of people were saying when commenting that my current one is a bit of an info dump and would be better if i showed not told.
So that is what i am trying to do.
Here is what i have so far:

     She crept into the dark room, her pointed ears listening for even the quietest sound. But there was silence. Her elven sight meant that she could see perfectly well, despite the lack of light. Her feet tread lightly on the stone steps that led up to the ancient, wooden door at the end of the tiny room. Her pale fingers traced lightly over the dusty surface, tracing the grooves until she found the lock. Sliding the key in its hole she peered around to make sure she wasn’t being watched. But of course, who would be watching?
     The lock clicked open and with a little shove the door swung slowly open.
    “Salfartha.” She whispered, a small flame sparked in her hand, and grew into a small orb, pulsating and flickering as she stepped further into the room, her feet fleeting gracefully across the floor.